In what seems to be a complete abandonment of objective and ethical reporting, many in the popular media continue to try and persuade the public that the death of Terri Schiavo was justified by inaccurately reporting that Terri was in a coma, brain dead, unresponsive, a “vegetable”, and also making the argument that Terri died when she first collapsed in 1990. Despite these erroneous reports and offensive, dehumanizing labels, Terri’s family has always held that their only intention was to care for and love Terri just as she was. Her death was truly needless and horrific.

Here are just a few videos of Terri from 2002 that will validate that Terri was, in fact, responsive and trying to communicate as best she could. This was in spite of having been neglected, warehoused and denied therapy and rehabilitation for over 12 years by Michael Schiavo. These powerful images will leave no doubt that what many in the mainstream media are reporting is patently false.

Terri Schiavo’s Story