Terri’s Art

She was the first born to Mary Lee, the apple of Bob’s eye, the big sister to Bobby and Suzanne, the best friend to Bucky, and, most importantly, the reflection of God’s love. Physical beauty is a fleeting thing but spiritual beauty permeates the very essence of the host; this is Terri.

Terri has left a legacy that most of us can only imagine. Her life on earth was short but we pray that her reward in heaven is eternal. She taught us by her example that love is everlasting and courage is a gift that is inspirational. It is a rare individual who continues to bless others long after she has left us simply by having lived her life.

Art was one of her passions and that passion is reflected in the animals and fanciful characters that she left for us to enjoy. Imagine her dancing in fields of vibrant colors, engulfed by heavenly music and surrounded by Bucky and her other animal friends depicted in her art.

Let us rejoice in her, and come to know her through her art.

  • Baby Puppy
  • Mother Elephant with Baby
  • Baby Seal
  • Shepherd Dog
  • Deer
  • Pegasus
  • Flying Donkey
  • Mother Horse with Colt
  • Dog’s Portrait
  • Smiling Seal
  • Wolf
  • Elephant with Bug
  • Fawn with Butterfly
  • Yellow Dog with Butterfly
  • Smiling Cat
  • Rainbow
  • Dancing Bear
  • Fawn and Bunny
  • Grazing Horse
  • Lioness